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Lazarus is a place where we try to share caring, peaceful and happy relationships. Even if, it is not easy everyday.  We want each resident to further develop, to get fulfilled and to find his/her place in the flat and in the society while discovering his/her own talents. Usually, each house is made of several men’s or women’s apartments, along with a specific apartment for a family, who supports the resident and manages the association in the city.

These are places where we like to welcome people, have fun together and celebrate. Lazarus homes are usually located in city centers, one of our houses is in the countryside, in Vaumoise. We offer regular-sized apartments. Each person has his or her own private bedroom and share the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. Everybody respects some internal rules, which make life together easier.


Marielle, Nicolas and their children will welcome you to the home in Lyon. 8 women and 16 men live in 3 shared-flats. 2 families live in the building. Every Friday, they open the house for a “family dinner” to which you are very welcome! lyon@lazare.eu

In Marseille, our doors are always open to you! 9 men live in the flat. Manon and Guillaum and their children welcome you to “family dinner”. The house can welcome 9 people. We are looking for volunteers !  marseille@lazare.eu

Our home, managed by Sophie and Christophe, parents of 3 children, welcome 7 men. The first Sunday of every month, you are very welcome to join a “family lunch”. lille@lazare.eu

Félicie and Thibaud welcome you in a big house in the countryside. There is a flat for 10 men and a flat accommodating 10 women who want to change their lives. We have created partnerships in the region with companies which will offer them a job. vaumoise@lazare.eu

Our home Nantes home is located in the city center. Domitille and Thimotée, who have 5 children, manage the house where 37 residents are living. The first Sunday of every month, they organize a “family lunch” to which you are invited. nantes@lazare.eu

You will be very welcome in this property, resident enjoy a big garden. Laure and François manage  a shared-flat where 9 men live together. toulouse@lazare.eu


Sarah, Matthieu and their little boy invite you to their home.  This property has accommodation for 6 men and 6 women. Every Friday, they organize a “family dinner” to which you are welcome. angers@lazare.eu


Charlotte and Vianney and their 3 children are happy to invite you to their home. They look after 2 houses : one houses 8 women, and the other one, 12 men ! If you want to visit them, don’t hesitate in contact them : bruxelles@lazare.eu


Araceli and Walter invite you to their home which houses 8 women. Every Tuesday evening, they organize a moment of pray. In coordination with the men’s home, they organize a tea time every third Sunday of each month. You are welcome ! info@hogareslazaro.org



Beatriz and Juan look look after the men’s home which houses 6 men. In coordination with the women’s home, they organize a tea time every third Sunday of each month. You are welcome ! info@hogareslazaro.org

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