About us

Lazarus in brief


Who are we ?

Lazarus brings together young working adults and homeless persons to share a home, living in community. It  meets the housing and social needs of relationship. They live in shared accommodation usually flats which are single sex, and accommodate six to ten people. This project exists since 2011 in France.


Our beliefs

We believe that homeless people need a shelter, but they also need friendship and confidence to be able to go ahead.

Our residents

We believe that if homeless people need shelter, they also have a need for human interaction and relationships. As citizens we appreciate the specific actions of the authorities to fight against exclusion. Yet we also feel a direct responsibility for our brothers and sisters who are in the street, suffering, and we know we can help.

We choose to live together with them, in simplicity, day by day.


Innovative buildings

Established in  2006, we have built places to give people a second chance.

As an alternative to large shelters, we offer regular-sized apartments where 6 to 10 people live together. Each person has his or her own private bedroom, and the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom are shared.

We welcome homeless people who either come in directly from ‘the street’, or from foster homes,  or else, people who are temporarily resident in a hotel. These people are supported by specialized associations that are committed to provide their social support (administrative, job search etc.)

Volunteers commit, alongside their work and their personal activities, to be present and available to residents.

There is no restriction on the time people can stay in the flat. They are welcome until they feel secure and confident enough to move on a positive life style and live independently.

Become a volunteer

Everyday life

We demonstrate and encourage self-organization and accountability. Residents have responsibility for all normal daily living activities such as housekeeping, shopping, cooking, …

There are a few ‘House Rules’:

A residents’ dinner , to which everyone should participate  is organized once a week.  Other evenings, dinner attendance is optional and depends on each resident’s individual plans and obligations.

Each week, each resident is assigned a specific core household duty such as shopping, meals, cleaning, budgeting and so on.

All running costs are paid for by the residents ie rent, food and utility bills. This means that each house, once opened, to be fully self-financed.

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.