Welcome to Lazarus

Simply living together

Lazarus brings together young working adults and homeless persons to share a home, living in community. It meets the housing and social needs of individuals. They live in shared flats which are single sex, and accommodate six to ten people. This project exists since 2011. Today, more than 250 people live in the flats in France, Belgium and Spain. Further projects are being developed in Mexico, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

We believe that if homeless people need shelter, they also have a need for human interaction and relationships. . As citizens we appreciate the specific actions of the authorities to fight against exclusion. Yet we also feel a direct responsibility for our brothers and sisters who are in the street, suffering, and we know we can help. We choose to live together, in simplicity, day after day.

Our homes

Discover the Lazarus flats

Lazarus is a place where we try to share caring, peaceful and happy relationships. We don’t promise it will be easy. We want each resident to grow and to find his or her place in the flat and in the society. Usually, each house is made of several men’ or women’ apartments, with a dedicated apartment for a family, who supports the residents and manages the life of the home.

These are places where we like to welcome people, have fun together and celebrate. We offer regular-sized apartments. Each person has his or her own private bedroom and share the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. Everybody respects some internal rules, that make life together easier.